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Description:   UCMS makes it possible for a website content management team to quickly set up a website, allocate tasks and manage content while spending the minimum time on learning the software. Developed to address shortcomings in available CMS.

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N Content Management System An open source CMS engine for .NET developers. N2 helps to manage content/data, providing a storage mechanism, a nice edit interface and other useful services.

WiKissMe wiki content management system WiKissMe is a wiki content management system that stores its data in flat text file. It is written in PHP 5. It has flexible plugins and modules architecture featuring blog, comments, captcha and others. Supports themes with templates as well.

WikiCMS - Content Management System WikiCMS is a simple PHP and MySQL based content management system for websites. Predefined contents like a guestbook, an image gallery or a contact form makes web design easy.

BH Content Management System BH Content Management System (a complete re-write of Bolt Content Manager) is a continuous project. Written in PHP and using MySQL; it is easy to use and has a fast growing admin panel using a GUI interface. Skins are easily edited. Colours and fonts can

CF Content Management System Simple content management system written to run www.cfug-fi.org site. Has all basic features already but some work would be needed to make easy to use and more expandable.

CMSSS - Content Management System CMSSS is Content Management System Special Style. Redaction system with WYSIWYG editor and SEO optimalization with SEF addresses. You can use it without any HTMl knowledge, but you can use a HTML tags or PHP scripts in content. simple templates creatingOpenWYSIWYG editorbasic SEO optimalizationSEF addressesprogramming ...

Callisto Content Management System Callisto CMS is an XML/XSL Web-based Content Management System built on AxKit. It supports WYSIWYG XML content editing, transactional site deployment to multiple target webservers, multiple users, virtual hosting support and other features.

Caravel Content Management System Caravel is a modular, enterprise-level Content Management System with an intuitive user interface, designed to allow non-technical users to maintain website content. Caravel allows admins to centrally maintain thousands of sites off one code-base.

Falt4 CMS (content management system) Falt4 CMS is a business approved Content Management System (CMS) under the LGPL. The CMS is feature-rich and has a clean administration area. The ultimate CMS with functions for the professional, usable by everyone.CMS modules are available.

Simple OS Content Management System This CMS is written for users he want simple management content in your site. It is written in PHP and use database MySql. The power of this cms is the simplicy and functionaly. It include the Visual Editor for semplify inserting content in your site.

Unit Management Framework The goal of the framework is to provide generic solution of dealing with units of measure conversion issues including mathematical operations and conversion of quantity into different unit of measure.

Unity Programming Environment Unity is a system for writing high-level components and using finite state machines and similar systems to tie the components into a program.The Unity core provides user interface abstraction and the flow control described above.Each unit is described

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